1st Thoughts on “How to be Happy” by Eleanor Davis

“How to be Happy” by Eleanor Davis comes off as an environmental critique …and it is. It critiques the way people interact with their environment, the affects the environment is having on the people, and visa versa.

” It will be interesting to see if Davis can add something new to this contemporary  conversation besides conservation. “

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Raising Evil II – My Theory on “Epileptic” by David B.

What is the “high evil”? –MY HONEST OPINION–

My theory is that the real evil is avoiding death. Treating it like it’s not a normal part of life, and as a result prolonging adolescence, or using unusual means (e.g. medicine, spiritualism, etc.) in an attempt to stave off death. The real evil is not admitting that DEATH WILL HAPPEN and being willing to run-over people, lie, offer false promises, and sell frog juice for immortality–as is the case of the guru, macrobiotic community, physicians, etc..

“High evil” can rise in anyone seeking immortality, which is all of us since most everyone seeks subconscious immortality through having children. That is why I’d title this book “Raising High Evil,” since all evil people were once children. The reasons they become evil, or allow evil to overtake them is a mystery, but prolonging adolescence might just do it.

Besides, all people can “raise” evil within themselves –no matter what age–if they feed it enough.

Hope that makes sense. 

The End.

Raising Evil I: The Conclusion of “Epileptic” by David B.

The original French title of “Epileptic” is “L’Ascension du haut mal”, meaning “The RIse of High Evil.” My theory is that evil does not “rise” from some other dimension, but it is “raised” up within the individual. I think the real “rise of high evil” is in Pierre-Francois, not Jean-Christophe.

The closest [Pierre-Francois] can get to expressing his twistedness is drawing his brother’s epileptic fits.

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