I’m Proud to be an American…?: Last Post for “March: Book One” by John Lewis

If you search the picture of “an African,” “an Asian,” “a European,” similar images come up. For Africans: black and sometimes scantily clad people, for Asians: more East Asian looking people than Filipinos or Indians, and for Europeans: almost exclusively white.

But something interesting happens with Americans. There is not a single picture of an American–at least not a homogenized, or individual picture. Search “Americans” and pictures of whole groups pop up with white, black, and brown (Asian, Hispanics, Arabs, etc.) in the mix. That speaks to the American ideal that all races can be part of this country irrespective of race.

“Page 77 helps one realize that Racism, Poverty, and War have worn on white people too.”


NOTICE that the hand is a white man’s hand. This is completely intentional and communicates to things (at least to me):

(1) Racism, poverty, and war affects all people, both directly and indirectly.

(2)  The dis-empowerment of white people, which may sound like a good thing at first (esp. for the Civil Rights Movement)..but it really is not.

Page 77 helps one realize that Racism, Poverty, and War have worn on white people too. 

A lot of attention is given to white supremacy when racism is discussed. On the other hand, black supremacy is not that great either. What is admirable about the Civil Rights movement is that it did not to take rights away from white people, but to afford all Americans the full privileges of citizenship.

I think the panel of the blooded, bandaged man’s hand is not a sign of triumph but a realization of the destructive nature of racism, greed, and hate.

This series of panels fills me with nothing but complete sadness.

Closing Remarks:

I think Nelson Mandela, one of the greatest non-violent activists of the 20th century, and former South African president, put it best.


“I Am Prepared to Die” – 20 April 1964

– END – 



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