Is This the End? —final paper thesis for Eng 226: Comics

Thesis: Blankets by Craig Thompson and Black Hole by Charles Burns depict how stigma hinders sexual maturity, and a realization of sensuality (aka higher sexuality).

Bascially, I want to write a paper about adolescence and it’s response/affect on sexuality. To support it, I’ll be using Blankets by Craig Thompson and Black Hole by Charles Burns.

(supporting evidence & basic structure after read more)


Stigma from his religious upbringing causes Craig to channel his sexual inclinations into escapist art, and eventually obsession over Raina. The relationship between Craig and Raina will serve as a negative example of sex, were it assumes soo much importance in his life that it becomes his new “religion.”

This novel is redeemed through Laura who, although a minor figure, plays a great deal into the implications of nudity and sex. Her innocence is impenetrable due to her mental immaturity,

(Laura helps me critique society’s sexual standards and assumptions.)

Black Hole

Stigma is dramatized as gross mutations in sexually active characters. I’ll explore the reasoning Burns may have had for this dramatisized representation of stigma, and mention a mix of unhealthy & hewlthy relationships.

Redemption now comes in the form of Eliza, who reaches the peak (pinnacle?) of sexuality–sensuality. She is fully aware of her attractiveness and sexual magnitism but enjoys it rather than exploit it. She stands in stark contrast to Laura, since she is fully aware of her actions and their implications, but she has nonetheless transended society’s adulteration of the body and enjoys it as intended.


There are redemptive qualities in both novels. I think the danger lies with accidentally contrasting “young and dumb” to mature and wise. I’m not 100% sure the way to go, but that is definitely not it. I don’t want age to be equated with wisdom, or even”betterness,” but I do want to connect scared youth to sexuality, and self accceptance (a mature feat) to sensuality.

oh well, we’ll see how this goes…

hope I didn’t spoil it too much for you.

사랑스러운 사람


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